Divine choco cakes with coconut

Do you like chocolate and the smell of coconut? Then you have to try these divine choco cakes. Vegan sponge cake covered with chocolate and shredded coconut. Feeling hungry yet? Try this recipe.👇 Ingredients 50g coconut flour powder,600g white wheat flour200g powdered sugar1 baking powder300g melted coconut butter2-3dcl of rice milkVanilla flavor Topping🍫 500 gContinue reading “Divine choco cakes with coconut”

Weak immune system and low mood? You might have vitamin D deficiency

People often suffer from due to vitamin D deficiency as in many countries there is a lack of exposure to sunlight. Does that mean we all need vitamin D supplements and if so, which ones? Before answering this questions, we want to tackle questions relating to what is vitamin D and why is important forContinue reading “Weak immune system and low mood? You might have vitamin D deficiency”


DIY: NOURISHING BALM FOR DRY SKIN (for 50g) Do you enjoy making natural cosmetics? Do you want to bring your home-made cosmetics to the next level? Don’t miss updates on our blog 2 Natureholics, where we share articles on how to make natural products from scratch. Free content for all the nature enthusiasts who wantContinue reading “DIY: BALM FOR DRY SKIN (for 50g)”