Wild plants in cosmetics and food / Divje rastline v kozmetiki in prehrani #1

Wild plants in cosmetics and/or food Spring is finally here and everything is blooming. Now is the time to go in nature and harvest some wild plants. 😍 Did you know that you can make coffee from dandelion root? And that you can make daisy body oil, that can help reduce hyperpigmentation? Wild plants areContinue reading “Wild plants in cosmetics and food / Divje rastline v kozmetiki in prehrani #1”

By using spices, any cuisine can become Ayurvedic

India has always been like a treasure trove of spices, from where spices and herbs have been imported for centuries. Indian spices are used around the world and they enrich the taste of European food as well. Ayurveda, the ancient science of life emanating from this environment, has defined them in great detail in termsContinue reading “By using spices, any cuisine can become Ayurvedic”

Divine choco cakes with coconut

Do you like chocolate and the smell of coconut? Then you have to try these divine choco cakes. Vegan sponge cake covered with chocolate and shredded coconut. Feeling hungry yet? Try this recipe.👇 Ingredients 50g coconut flour powder,600g white wheat flour200g powdered sugar1 baking powder300g melted coconut butter2-3dcl of rice milkVanilla flavor Topping🍫 500 gContinue reading “Divine choco cakes with coconut”