Tools and Equipment for Homemade Cosmetics

Have you always wanted to create your own cosmetic product? Balm, cream, shampoo or something else?  It might sound difficult and complicated, but in reality it is not! We were also pretty sceptic, when we started formulating cosmetics – we thought that you need a lot of tools, laboratory equipment and chemistry background to formulate,… Nothing could be farther from the truth. You need strong will, few tools and equipment, which you already have at home. When we formulated theContinue reading “Tools and Equipment for Homemade Cosmetics”

Wild plants in cosmetics and food / Divje rastline v kozmetiki in prehrani #2

PRIMROSE (Primula vulgaris) The first harbinger of spring is a natural remedy for the treatment of respiratory organs, pneumonia, whooping cough, abdominal cramps and some other diseases that often affect children. Primrose contains saponins, glycosides and flavonoids, which have a calming effect. Primrose is edible – we can harvest flowers, roots and leaves for healing purposes.Continue reading “Wild plants in cosmetics and food / Divje rastline v kozmetiki in prehrani #2”


DIY: NATURAL MASK FOR DRY HAIR (80g) Does your hair look dry and dull? Prepare this fantastic natural mask and your hair will be shiny and soft again. You can use this mask once to twice a week. You can prepare it yourself at home, as the preparation is also suitable for beginners. We suggest youContinue reading “DIY: NATURAL HAIR MASK / NARAVNA MASKE ZA LASE”