Weak immune system and low mood? You might have vitamin D deficiency

People often suffer from due to vitamin D deficiency as in many countries there is a lack of exposure to sunlight. Does that mean we all need vitamin D supplements and if so, which ones? Before answering this questions, we want to tackle questions relating to what is vitamin D and why is important forContinue reading “Weak immune system and low mood? You might have vitamin D deficiency”


DIY: NOURISHING BALM FOR DRY SKIN (for 50g) Do you enjoy making natural cosmetics? Do you want to bring your home-made cosmetics to the next level? Don’t miss updates on our blog 2 Natureholics, where we share articles on how to make natural products from scratch. Free content for all the nature enthusiasts who wantContinue reading “DIY: BALM FOR DRY SKIN (for 50g)”

Barley “risotto” with chestnuts

Easy-peasy autumn recipe: Barley “risotto” with chestnuts Today we share with you the recipe for barley “risotto” with chestnuts. Very healthy, plant-based dish will warm you up in cold autumn days. Ingredients: 500 g cooked chestnuts 200g barley 200g tofu 150g carrots (or other vegetables by choice) Ginger Onion Garlic Parsley Spices Preparation: Day beforeContinue reading “Barley “risotto” with chestnuts”