Divine choco cakes with coconut

Do you like chocolate and the smell of coconut?
Then you have to try these divine choco cakes. Vegan sponge cake covered with chocolate and shredded coconut. Feeling hungry yet? Try this recipe.👇


50g coconut flour powder,
600g white wheat flour
200g powdered sugar
1 baking powder
300g melted coconut butter
2-3dcl of rice milk
Vanilla flavor

🍫 500 g of chocolate powder
2dcl of milk
50g coconut butter

For decoration
500g coconut flour

In a blender, first mix the milk and flour, then add the melted ground coconut flour, coconut oil, sugar, vanilla flavoring and baking powder. The dough should not be too thin and not too thick, so add the milk to taste until you get a smooth mixture. Then pour it into an oiled baking tray or on baking paper. Bake the biscuit for about 25 minutes at 180 degrees. After baking, leave the biscuit to cool (you can also put it in the fridge).

When it cools, cut it into cubes, roll them first in bowls with chocolate sauce (melt all the ingredients in the saucepan first), and then in coconut flour. Then you can serve. Bon appetit ! 🙂

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